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Project 365 Day 21

January 26, 2009

After another day of driving and visits with family and friends this was the first whole day that we spent in one place in Iowa. Nancy invited my brother to join us all for the family favorite, “Company Dinner”.  It was wonderful and afterwards we girls watched the guys play pool.



Project 365 Day 20

January 26, 2009

How many of us working on this project took a similar picture?  I would love to know, really.  This is no reflection of my politacal views just a reflection of what I was doing this day.  I love to watch formal ceremonies like this.  If its  very patriotic at all I usually end up with a tear or two.


Project 365 Day 19

January 26, 2009

We got to Bruces mothers house and had a little time to visit before his brother arrived so of course it was time for a haircut.  It took a year but he finally did it!


Project 365 Day 18

January 25, 2009

Oh what the heck one more post before bed!  Day 18 was spent with my dear friend Keli and about all we did was eat.  Yep this day was all about the places I had been missing in Neb and for dinner we had Davinci’s 5 Cheese Pizza.  YUM!


Project 365 Day 17

January 25, 2009

The day got away from me, my album is almost up to date from the trip.  Pictures for project 365 are picked up and in the album and the remaining pictures from the trip have been ordered.  But this is all I have time to post for now. This is day 17, the day we left PHX for Omaha.


Home again

January 25, 2009

I am home and warmed up after our visit to Nebraska and Iowa. We had a great time and I have TONS of pictures to go through as well as a mountain of laudnry and housekeeping to get done but hopefully before I go to bed tonight I will at least have my picutes of the day for the last week posted.  That should also mean that I will also have prints ordered!  We will see.  First we are going out for breakfast even though we have been eating out for a week.

Project 365 Day 16

January 16, 2009

A little snuggle time with Iggy.  He is finally learning how to sit still for a few minutes in a lap and he has finally taught me where he likes to be scratched.  Not on the head or under the chin or anywhere near his ears….its his tummy!  and he is too cute when its being rubbed!