Where has the time gone?

Well its been ticking away, slowly for me.  First it was a two day migrain, wednesday at home in bed and thursday just grinning and bearing it at work.  Friday I was all excited that I had no more headache and had a great day at work with it all being topped off by getting free tickets to see the Phoenix Suns play.  Great way to end a pretty rotten week!  Yeah right….after picking up Caity from the doctors, finding out that she has severe tonsilitus, standing in line at Walgreens for EVER to drop off her prescriptions only to find out they don’t do compounds there.  It wasn’t so bad, they did transfer the RX’s to another store but it was 30 min in line with a sick child in the car waiting for me.  Yes,  she is a teenager but she is still my sick baby okay?  🙂  Anyway I get her and Bruce home and settled for the night, I am out the door again to pick up Kristy to go to the game.  Everything is good up to this point when we decide to drive thru and get a bite to eat before we get to the game.  We are eating, driving, talking getting caught up and having a nice time when suddenly my stomach starts hurting!  What started out feeling like a simple case of monthly cramps at 7:30 pm had turned into a full blown case of stomach flu by 8:30 pm in the very public restrooms of the wonderful US Airways Center!  After about 30 min in the restroom I was finally able to pull myself together enough to find Kristy and walk the few blocks back to the parking garage to the car.  The ride home, the rest of friday night and pretty much all of yesterday was just pure misery.  Even today, while I am sitting upright and not in bed, my whole body still aches.  So yeah the time has gone on one hand pretty fast and on the other agonizingly slow.  It seems that Caitlin is feeling a bit better too and hopefully this next week will have us all back to normal cause we have a vacation that starts next weekend.   I was able to still take some photos this week for Project 365, today I even ordered prints to put into the album.  Not sure I will be making the trip to Walgreens to pick up the pictures but still the order is placed and I am on my way with this project!  And I will post the rest of the weeks pictures in just a few minutes.

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