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a quick note

February 15, 2009

its been a crazy week, I haven’t been great at taking pictures but could write a book about the week.  for now I have to say that I have a new laptop so I am in the process of switching everything from one computer to another and switching from pc to mac.  its all fun and going well but I still don’t even have ONE picture loaded onto the laptop! I think I will just move things to the external drive and move them tomorrow but I am also helping Caitlin move out of our place and into her apt tomorrow too and I have new fabric to play with and I would like to get caught up on the blog as well as the 365 album.  Whew!  I am tired just thinking of it all.  Its past midnight here and if I don’t get to bed soon there will be no time at all tomorrow to get anything done other than sleep.  UGH!  Never enough time in the weekend.  So I am going to bed after a wonderful Valentine’s Day and keeping my fingers crossed for time to move slow tomorrow.  🙂


Project 365 Day 37

February 8, 2009

A little closer to my original theme for the week….on our way home tonight I looked in the back seat and asked Caitlin this question.  “Who got a new apartment today?”  Her reply….”I DID!”  Just a little excitement in that face.


Project 365 Day 36

February 8, 2009

So my theme for the week went right out the window today.  Instead I took a shot of the Dr’s office while I waited to be seen, just because I could.


Project 365 Day 35

February 8, 2009

At the corner of 24th St and Camelback Rd where we are pretty sure to hit the light each morning.  And just about every morning I look out the window and watch the crane thats helping to build some new building off to the west. Its very interesting to me and I think I could probably sit and watch the crane for a very long time if I only had the time.


Project 365 Day 34

February 8, 2009

This is actually a picture of driving home and not to work but its too pretty to not include.  I love sunsets and for some reason the sunsets in AZ seem to last longer than in NE.  I think its actually just that the buildings are shorter here in PHX and so we can see the sunset for the entire time its setting.  Whatever the reason I get to see some beautiful sunsets on the drive home and here is one of them.  Even through the dirty windshield its pretty!


Project 365 Day 33

February 8, 2009

This week I am posting things I see on our drive to work.  Bruce almost always drives and I am usually looking at my blackberry, reading email, news or blogs so this is todays picture.


Project 365 Day 32

February 8, 2009

Posting these after the fact this picture of the day looks a bit sad, but it is what it is.  While I don’t normally follow NFL and usually just watch the superbowl for the commercials and half time this year was different.  It was a fluke that AZ ended up in the superbowl and since I normally cheer for the underdogs I had to watch the game and root for the home team.  It was a great game and even though we didn’t win it was still fun to watch.