a quick note

its been a crazy week, I haven’t been great at taking pictures but could write a book about the week.  for now I have to say that I have a new laptop so I am in the process of switching everything from one computer to another and switching from pc to mac.  its all fun and going well but I still don’t even have ONE picture loaded onto the laptop! I think I will just move things to the external drive and move them tomorrow but I am also helping Caitlin move out of our place and into her apt tomorrow too and I have new fabric to play with and I would like to get caught up on the blog as well as the 365 album.  Whew!  I am tired just thinking of it all.  Its past midnight here and if I don’t get to bed soon there will be no time at all tomorrow to get anything done other than sleep.  UGH!  Never enough time in the weekend.  So I am going to bed after a wonderful Valentine’s Day and keeping my fingers crossed for time to move slow tomorrow.  🙂

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