A little about me ~

I am a forty something mother, grandmother, sister, friend, and significant other to people I love dearly.  There are many things I like to do in my spare time unfortunately there isn’t lots of it to spare! I love to scrapbook both paper and digital, make cards and explore other paper crafts as well. I love to read and cook…always looking for a new book/author to check out or a good recipe to try. My soul mate, significant other/boyfriend and I like to go geocaching to explore parts of Phoenix and Arizona that we haven’t seen before as well as our own backyard. And when I can’t occupy myself with any of the above I love to watch a good movie and crochet.

I grew up an Army brat and lived in a few different places, including Germany before my father retired and our family settled in my mothers home town in Iowa.  I spent most of my life in Iowa and Nebraska until a few years ago when I moved to Arizona.  It was supposed to be temporary, to help out family but it became permanent when I found a very nice job and the majority of my family also moved here.

Now I am here in the middle of the desert, missing lots about the midwest, learning to love the sun, and finding my way into a new life.


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