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Ribbon Wreath Class Photos

September 19, 2010

This is the ribbon wreath we will be making in an upcoming class on Nov 6th.  First is just the wreath, then the wreath with a possible addition.  Its the large simply adorned charm.  I think I might add it to my wreath later, make a holiday insert or family photo….not sure yet but you could do whatever you want with it and it will be adorable!

Boy my craft table looks dirty!  LOL


A work in progress

May 20, 2010

Since I have been sitting at home this week after unexpected surgery I have found some time to sew again.  I need to get some fabric for stips in between these blocks and for borders but at least the blocks are done.  Unfortunately I don’t think this will be done before I go back to work next week but check back in a few weeks and hopefully there will be more pictures on the progress of this quilt.  🙂

Oh and one more note  I am using fabric by Sweetwater called Make Life…  from the first time I saw the previews I knew I had to have some!

Christmas quilt wall hanging is finally done!

December 6, 2009

and hung up only to find that the wall space as well as the quilt hanger are both a bit too small for it….hmmmm oh well this is where it stays for this year. Maybe next year we will be in a different place with more wall space. So on to the picture………

A new quilted wall hanging finished!

September 13, 2009

The day we bought my new sewing machine we were at the phoenix quilt show and I met a very nice lady named Deborah and fell in love with her quilt patterns.  They were cute and seemed easy enough and well written enough for me to start out with.  I was right even with my beginners mistakes the quilt patterns that I have made of hers have turned out great.  Here is my newest project…..


A new sewing project

August 30, 2009

I love reading the Moda Bake Shope Blog and saw this adorable new project by Sweetwater its a flower table runner.  It was so cute that I had to make one for myself and now that I have done that I think I will be making more for some friends!  So here is the finished project.  Boy I just love projects that make me, the slow moving beginner feel accomplished!

flower table runner

It’s been such a long time….

March 22, 2009

and there is still really no time today to get the ol’ blog caught up.  Such is life right?  I do have one thing to share though.  This is my first quilt project.  I see and have pointed out to everyone all the mistakes but looking at it on the wall its not so bad for a first project. I have learned a lot from it.  The next few projects are ready and waiting but there is so much to do here before the weather gets hot, all my indoor projects are waiting a bit until I can’t bear to be outside.  So here is the picture and I am off to work to get some stuff caught up.